May 7, 2021 Troy Delosa

What is a Conveyancer? Why do I NEED a Conveyancer?

In simple terms, a conveyancer is responsible to ensure that you meet all legal requirements with your property transaction. This transaction will transfer a title of land from one person/entity to another. Conveyancers handle property sales, purchases, transfers of title, off the plan sales and purchases as well as subdivisions. In Victoria, all property transactions are settled through an online platform called PEXA. Only licensed conveyancers or registered lawyers have access to PEXA. Therefore, if you are in Victoria you will be required to have a conveyancer for your property transaction.

Buying or selling property involves multiple parties such as banks, property agents, and lawyers for each side (every property has a seller and a buyer). There are also mandated documents such as Section 32s, contracts, and various searches that all need to happen behind the scenes to allow a property to be bought or sold. A good conveyancer knows what to look for in a Section 32 to ensure you are not put at risk for things such as non-permitted extensions or renovations.

Even if a conveyancer was not mandated, you want peace of mind when you make one of the largest transactions of your life. All Points Conveyancing has experienced solicitors and licensed conveyancers with over 100 years of conveyancing experience. All Points Conveyancing saves clients from missing their settlement date, handles problems caused by other parties involved in settlement, ensures all searches are completed and met while providing money and time-saving advice. Give us a call today for a quote and an opportunity to have your questions answered. 03 9575 9500

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